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Slate Theory Winery

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Slate Theory Winery


About Slate Theory

Slate Theory is located in the heart of Fredericksburg and lives in the minds of those with an affinity for the nonconforming. The experimental winery invites guests to “Fill Your Head” and prescribes a full-sensory experience that manifests in the form of psychologically stimulating wine. The cathartic indoor/outdoor tasting room is set to the sounds of uncensored modern music and enriched with perceptive art invented by one of seven Slate Theory co-founders. An ode to the mind’s subconscious, Slate Theory’s underground wine cave is a fixating focal point. For those seeking exposure to individualized wine tastings, the cave is an unexpected manifestation of complex and elemental architecture.
At Slate Theory, vintners experiment with estate and regional fruit in smaller quantities to find the perfect balance between tannins, acidity, and alcohol. The avant-garde winemakers choose the best wines with the boldest expression of terroir and unique regional quality to put behind founder-designed labels.
Slate Theory’s name is a tribute to the founders’ history of diversified industries and acknowledgment of their recent entry into the art of winemaking. From the 1970s through the early 2010s, the Jones family specialized in oil. In 2017, they transitioned out of the unstable industry and launched a wedding venue, La Bonne Vie Ranch in Fredericksburg. With more than 140 acres spanning Texas Wine Country, the family decided to try their hand at grape growing.
In 2018, the Jones Family acquired Torre de Pietra on Wine Trail 290 and idealized the illusion of a winery that challenged societal norms and created wines as complex as the human brain. The name “Slate Theory” is influenced by English philosopher John Locke’s ‘Blank Slate Theory’, hypothesizing that individuals are born without built-in mental content and proposing that all knowledge comes from experience or perception. Like the ‘Blank Slate Theory’, the Jones family came into the wine world with no prior knowledge of the industry. It was all in their heads.