Ab Astris Vineyard

Ab Astris Vineyard

About Ab Astris Vineyard

Our vineyard is 12 acres, consisting of two blocks: an older block of 7 acres, and a newer block of 5 acres. The vineyard is just outside of Stonewall, TX, in the Pedernales River Basin, at an elevation of approximately 1,450 feet. The vines sit on 12-24 inches of rich sandy loam soil on top of limestone bedrock.


Vineyard Details

Year Planted



Tony & Erin Smith

Total Acreage


Vineyard Soil

12-24 Inches of Sandy Loam on top of Limestone Bedrock in the Pedernales River Basin.

Vineyard Climate

Our vineyard is in the Texas Hill Country AVA, which is a warm-ish climate. We typically have bud-break around mid-March and harvest most of our grapes in early-to-mid-August.


We use a standard trellis system for Vertical Shoot Position (VSP) vine growth


Yes, we use a drip irrigation system with 1/2 gallon emitters for each vine

Harvest Method

Hand, although we are set-up to be harvested mechanically in the future if we decide to do that.

THCW Members Purchasing Fruit

All used for Ab Astris Winery Estate Label.


  • Tannat (4 acres)
  • Petite Sirah (2 acres)
  • Souzao (2 acres)
  • Montepulciano (2 acres)
  • Clairette Blanche (2 acres)