Passport Trail Events FAQ’s

Are there a limited number of tickets?

Yes and they typically sell out by the first weekend of the Event. We do not hold back any tickets.

Do I have to start at the winery I chose?

Yes, you do have to go there first and get your book. You do not have to taste there first but you must get your book first.

Can I change my pickup winery?

No, wineries receive the exact amount of Event Passports as designated by ticket purchaser choice and we cannot change them once delivered. Please be aware of individual winery business hours and days they are open when choosing your pickup winery.

What is the difference between Couples and Individuals tickets?

Couples tickets are good for ANY TWO people (husband/wife, sisters, mother/daughter, friends, etc).  You will receive ONE passport book and TWO tastings.  Both people must be present together for the couples tastings (ie: one can not receive tastings on the first day of the event and the other person on another day of the event at the same winery).

Individual tickets are for ONE person, you will receive ONE passport and ONE tasting at each participating winery.

I can’t use my ticket, can I get a refund?

No, but tickets are transferable so you can give it away or sell it.

What days is my ticket good for?

February 8-24, 2018

What wineries are included?

45 of our member wineries. You can find a list of all our member wineries on the WINERIES page or the MAP page of our website.

I am giving this as a gift, can you change the name on the ticket?

The tickets are transferrable so it does not matter that your name is on it. When gifting though, you can choose “Ship To” and put the receivers name in the shipping info and this will put their name on the ticket. (No, tickets are not shipped)

I can’t print my ticket at time of purchase.

We also send you a confirmation email with a link to your ticket so you can print at a later date.

I didn’t print my ticket and now we are at the winery.

You can also show the winery your confirmation email or ticket from your smart phone.

What time does the event start?

The event starts when individual wineries are open (usually 10-11am) and ends at closing of the wineries (5-6pm). Please check out individual winery hours on the WINERIES page of our site.

Where does the event start?

It starts wherever you would like but you must pickup your Tasting Passport first. Please use the MAP to plan out your trip.

What about transportation?

This is a self-guided event so you will use your own transportation or book with a Tour Company. Please use a Designate Driver.

Are wine glasses included with ticket or at each winery?

No glasses are included. Each winery will have wine glasses for you to use while tasting but are not included to take home. Wine glasses are for sale at each winery if you would like to purchase separately.