About us - Texas Hill Country Wineries

About Us

Texas Hill Country Wineries is a non-profit trade association, established in 1999 by a group of 8 wineries to promote their tasting rooms and wine. Over the years the group of 8 grew to 16, 24, 32, 42 and now over 50 winery members with purpose to promote the development of the member wineries in the Texas Hill Country AVA by promoting Hill Country produced wines, increasing visitors and overall awareness of the industry. We reveal a diversity of passion in the personalities of the many member wineries, cultivating a spectacular experience for the adventurous visitors and wine lovers to share our unparalleled hospitality. The community of Texas Hill Country Wineries presents the independent origins of our craft while promoting our thriving and trailblazing winery members.


To increase traffic to the tasting rooms, the membership created 5 unique wine trails throughout the year. To this day THCW still hosts 4 of those original events, including Wine Lovers Celebration, Wine & Wildflower Journey, Texas Wine Month Passport and the Christmas Wine Affair. Theses events are self-guided driving tours, with wineries offering tastings and discounts. Along the way, you might meet winemakers and owners, hearing first-hand their enthusiasm for what they do. The events are also a chance to enjoy legendary Hill Country musicians, artists, chefs and entertainers of all kinds.


THCW has grown with more than just winery members and trail events. Industry education events focused on growing grapes in Texas, winemaking, marketing and overall business are hosted throughout the year to support Texas wineries across the state. In 2015, a scholarship fund was created with a portion of event ticket sales and profits to award Texas students working towards a degree supporting the wine industry. Over the past few years, approximately $27,000 has been awarded and the program is thriving. A Board of 7 THCW members, with the support of the Grower, Winemaker, Marketing, Events, Legislative and Community Outreach Committees, oversee all planning and operations for the association, making all of the events, scholarships and more possible for members.


Texas Hill Country IS Texas Wine Country. We invite you to join us for an even better taste of the good life. See you soon!


Please drink responsibly and use a designated driver.