Do You Speak Wine?

The language used to describe wine is so esoteric that it has its own moniker: winespeak.  It involves a mixture of common (and uncommon) aroma descriptors such as “apple,” “cherry,” and “cigar box” (think a Bordeaux blend aged in new French oak), somewhat creepy anthropomorphisms such as “broad-shouldered” or “flabby,” as well as synesthetically inspired terms like “linear” and “velvety.”  To the uninitiated winespeak sounds like total bull putty, but so does the way teenagers speak, and we know how uncool we are by not being able to speak like them.  If we want to diss a wine properly, we need to know that saying that a wine smells like “barnyard” it is bad, but if it smells like “cat piss” it is good (and probably Sauvignon Blanc).  To help avoid the embarrassment of not appreciating the “diesel” note on one’s Riesling, here is a beginner’s guide to navigating winespeak.

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