Joining a Texas Hill Country Wine Club

Whether you’ve visited the Texas Hill Country a handful of times or you’re a regular weekend visitor, chances are you’ve left with a few of your favorite wine bottles from various wineries. There is always an occasion for wine, from the holidays to parties to gifting. Let our member wineries help you build your wine collection and never be empty-handed with a wine club membership. While you can always buy your favorite wines at the grocery store, joining a Texas Hill Country wine club has plenty of perks, especially if you find yourself buying multiple bottles of wine per month. Let’s break down exactly what those perks are! 


Shipments of Texas Hill Country Wine: The first and biggest perk of joining a Texas Hill Country Wineries wine club is that you’ll receive regular installments of wine. Most wineries ship wine three times a year (Spring, Fall, and Winter). You’ll most likely be given the option to select your wines or be given a selection curated by the winemaker, owner, or sommelier. This is a great way to try and fall in love with wines you may have not otherwise tried. Some wineries allow you the option to specify a preference; for example, you may select receiving only red wines or a mix of white and red wines. The wines you receive may also be reflective of the season, for example; expect more whites and rosés in the summertime. 


Money in Your Pocket: Who doesn’t love saving money? Most of our member wineries wine clubs offer a discount when purchasing wine bottles or merchandise. These discounts could range from 10% to 25% depending on the winery. Members who purchase a case or more often receive a bigger discount too!


Specialty Reserves: Wineries store special reserves and will exclusively share them with their wine club members. These wines may be estate-grown wines, vintage wines, or award-winning wines that can no longer be purchased in the tasting room. Depending on the winery, your delivery may be sprinkled with a few of these ultra-special bottles, or you may be invited to an exclusive wine club member tasting event where these bottles will be showcased. 


Free Tastings: It is standard practice to receive a complimentary tasting and, depending on the winery, even a free glass of wine when you visit the winery. The perks don’t stop with you! Bring a friend to enjoy your free tasting or a complimentary glass of wine with you. Several of our wineries also offer a discounted or free tour of the winery for wine club members and friends. What better way to share your love of wine with others than to help educate your friends and family with a tour of the winery?


A VIP Space: Several wineries have a private space for their wine club members to enjoy. Depending on the season, the winery may get crowded with a queue for tastings and service. As a wine club member, you will have access to an area entirely dedicated to members, ensuring you get immediate attention from the winery’s staff. As an added perk, often this space helps to showcase the beauty of The Texas Hill Country. Sip your wine leisurely while enjoying the view.  


Exclusive Events:  Whether it be a private dinner, movie night, pickup party or specialty class as a wine club member, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to these can’t miss events. When the holiday season rolls around, you’ll have access to helpful wine and food pairing classes to help you be the best host on the block! Harvest season is another big time when wine club members have the opportunity for a behind the scenes look. 


There are numerous benefits to joining a wine club! If you’re an avid wine lover or a novice to Texas wine, joining a Texas Hill Country wine club is a great way to familiarize yourself with wine, get to know, or expand your palette. Start by getting to know our wineries then select the one that best fits your style, budget, and taste! If you’re already a part of a Texas Hill Country Winery wine club membership, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us in the comments below what you love about your membership, your favorite wine, or what you’d recommend to anyone thinking about joining a wine club.