2019 Texas Harvest and Grape Stomp Events

2019 Texas Harvest and Grape Stomp Events

Harvest is an important time of the year for those involved in the business of making wine as well as wine lovers. Harvest is centered around the time of the year when the grapes have reached the appropriate level of ripeness to be taken from their vines and begin the process of making wine. This will usually between one to two months depending on the region and its size, and the term “crush season” is also sometimes used due to the fact that grapes are either pressed or crushed into wine.

Local gatherings and events that focus on and celebrate food, wine, and good company are also common during this time of year.

The harvest brings lots of great local events

Because of the significance of this season, there are also a number of events tied to the harvest for 2019 in Texas Hill Country that can be found on the Texas Hill Country Wineries website. One of the most iconic and fun things to do is get involved in grape stomps.

Grape Stomp Festivities

Becker Vineyards in Fredericksburg will be holding their annual grape stomp on August 31st. This is fun for the whole family. Children are also allowed to participate in the stomp as long as they are supervised by an adult.

Pedernales Cellars will also be holding multiple grape stomps in Stonewall on August 17th, 18th, 24th, and the 25th. Each day has stomp sessions as noon, 2pm, and 4pm. Each day will include a tour of their wine making facility, with the grape stomping at the conclusion and a custom t-shirt that includes your own footprints after the stomp. Tickets are $25 per person and each session has a limit of twenty guests.

Texas Hills Vineyards will also be holding their 19th annual grape stomp on the August weekends of the 17th to 18th and 24th to 25th in Johnson City.

Other Events

Black glass tasting is a special kind of blind tasting where guests can try to determine the color of a wine without actually seeing it. Those who attempt this challenge are often surprised at how difficult it can be!

August 17th will be a great day for live music, with local artists performing at 4.0 Cellars in Fredericksburg, Hye Meadow Winery in Hye, Kerrville Hills Winery in Kerrville, and Solaro Estate Winery in Dripping Springs. Be sure to check out the Texas Hill Country Wineries event calendar for a full list of live music events happening all month!

Messina Hof’s tasting and tour in Fredericksburg is a great introduction to Texas Hill country and its wines. On the weekend of August 30th and 31st guests can learn about the history of the region and the basics of wine tasting like swirling, sniffing, and sipping along with what types of food pair best with each variety of wine. These tours will last just about an hour and tickets are $25 per person.