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Holiday Food & Texas Wine Pairings


Autumn and early winter are filled with big holidays and smaller celebrations that draw family and friends together. Whether you find yourself hosting a major party, serving a grand meal or whipping together a quick gathering, you can make any event one to remember by adding a local Texas wine to the menu. Texas Hill Country Wineries offer a wide range of vintages, and you’re sure to find just the right one to match any meal you can think of.

What’s more, a bottle from Texas Wine Country makes an excellent hostess gift when you’re the one who’s been invited out. Stock up on a few of these recommendations, and you’ll never worry about showing up to a get-together empty-handed.




When turkey’s on the menu, your best bet is an easy drinking Pinot Noir. This “light” red wine features acidity that cuts through the richness of dark meat while offering fruit-forward flavors that pair well with light meat, so everyone wins. It’s also an easy wine to like even for people who prefer whites. Sisters Creek’s Pinot Noir is an outstanding choice. For those who solely prefer white wine an excellent selection would be a Roussanne from Lost Draw Cellars. With a wide variety of side dishes, you’ll also want something that pairs well with nearly anything- bubbles. A go to option is William Chris’ Petillant Naturel Rose, not only is it a crowd pleaser but its also a conversation starter for its unique style of wine making.



Holiday parties tend to be wide-ranging affairs, and you’re bound to host a wide cross-section of people with a variety of tastes when it comes to wine. To appeal to the broadest range of guests, be sure to provide both a red and a white. For the white, skip the oaky Chardonnays and try a Sauvignon Blanc instead — Fall Creek Vineyards has a great one. For a palette friendly red, try a Malbec, which has a medium body and will pair well with red meat and spicy finger foods. The Texas Legato Winery’s Malbec is a winner, as is the unique, unfiltered Syrah from Woodrose Winery. Don’t forget about the Gingerbread making! You’ll want a flavorful Mourvedre from 4.0 Cellars to bring out the cinnamon, nutmeg and Holiday spices.




Ringing in the New Year just wouldn’t be complete without a glass of bubbly, and you don’t have to pick up something French to satisfy your traditional midnight toast. Flat Creek Estate makes a sparkling white wine they call “Sparkling Almond”, and it’s a wonderful choice for pleasing many palates: medium dry with a touch of fruity sweetness. Other fine choices include Wedding Oak’s Bridal Bliss and Hye Meadows’s Sparkling Brut. No matter which you choose, you may want to have extra on hand for a second glass!




Don’t forget to include a dessert wine or port with the tasty treats of the Holidays.  For easy drinking, a crowd favorite is Stone House Vineyards Scheming Beagle Port that pairs nicely with the spices in a warm pumpkin pie. While Messina Hof offers a delightful Texas Sparkling Moscato for guests craving bubbles with their cranberry bars. Whether its Granny’s Apple Pie or homemade fudge you can’t go wrong with Pedernales Cellars Texas Dulce Port.




Who says you need a holiday to enjoy a bottle of fine wine? Any meal can be made special when you pop open a bottle of Texas wine. Comfort foods on cold or rainy days often consist of something creamy — think mac and cheese or a pasta alfredo — so keep a bottle of Becker Vineyards Riesling at the ready. The sweetness of this wine pairs well with salty cheese while its acidity cuts the creaminess. Ron Yates Albarino is another choice that offers a touch of herbiness as well.
If meat and potatoes is your idea of warm comfort food then don’t forget a Tempranillo from Bending Branch Winery. The rich flavor and mellow tannins make this wine a traditional pairing with red meat.
If you’re not certain which wine is right for you, the best way to discover your favorite bottle is by going to a tasting or two. Many Texas Hill Country Wineries are open to the public for tastings and have their own stores, so you can sample to your heart’s content before you commit. And why not? Hit the road to visit a winery before the holidays, and you’ll treat yourself to a whole season of satisfying sipping.