Food & Wine Pairings in Texas Hill Country

For those who are yet unfamiliar, Texas Hill Country is home to over 50 award winning wineries who offer an array of events. No matter if you are a total wine connoisseur or just beginning to develop your pallet, there are food and wine pairing events for every wine-drinker to enjoy. The following is a closer look at some of the upcoming food and wine pairing events being hosted by the members of Texas Hill Country Wineries.


  • The Art of Food & Wine Pairing– Taking place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, attendees are offered a guided tasting of 5 Becker Vineyards wines as well as 5 small tastes of creations made by Chef, Michael Lockhart.
  • The Texas and Chocolate Wine Experience– An event that takes place Monday-Friday from 10-4, attendees are served 6 award-winning truffles alongside 6 cherrypicked 4.0 wines.
  • Longhorn Cellars: Food, Wine, and Music– Enjoy wine, Burned Out Pizzas, and Greek Gyros Food Truck at this event taking place on November 30th from 1-7 pm.
  • Torr Na Lochs Vineyard & Winery: Hogmanay Celebration– Taking place on December 29th from 1-6 pm, come to enjoy this traditional Scottish New Year celebration. The event includes traditional Scottish foods such as bangers and mash and sticky toffe pudding. Also, you will love the live music!


Overall, the members of Texas Hill Country Wineries offers a variety of food and wine pairing events virtually every day. With a little something for everyone, these events must be experienced as the descriptions will never do them justice. Indeed, the delectable foods and delicious wines served at these events are something to be experienced first-hand rather than merely read about online. Either way, be sure to check out the full list of events that will help expand your knowledge of food and wine pairings!