Frequently Asked Questions about Texas Hill Country Wineries

Q: Who is THCW and what do you offer?
A: Texas Hill Country Wineries (THCW) is a non-profit marketing and promotions association for 30+ Texas Hill Country member wineries.  We offer self-guided and ticketed wine trails as well as other THCW sponsored events throughout the year.

Q: Does THCW host winery or vineyard tours? Do the Member wineries host winery or vineyard tours?
A: Texas Hill Country Wineries is not a tour company, however the member Wineries may offer tours of their winery/vineyard on select days, times and for a nominal fee. We suggest that you contact each specific member Winery, or review the member Winery’s website, as to winery tour offerings. If you wish to tour multiple THCW wineries, we suggest contacting one of the Limo & Tour companies listed on our Eat, Sleep, Travel page.

Want to plan your own winery tour?  You can by using THCW’s interactive map.

Q: What does the wine trail consist of?
A: The wine trails are self-guided, ticketed events among our 30+ member Wineries.  Wineries offer complimentary tastes &discounts to customers who purchase tickets to a THCW sponsored wine trail. During THCW sponsored wine trail, THCW may also gifts and souvenirs.

Q: What time do the wine trails begin/end?
A: Each wine trail has designated start and end dates. Please refer to the wine trail details on the THCW website. 

In regards to the member winery’s hours of operation during a wine trail, each individual winery will open/close according to their own prescribed business hours.  Please see the Wineries page for each winery’s regular business hours.

Q: Where do the wine trails go?
A: The Texas Hill Country Wineries area covers Austin to Fredericksburg and Lampasas to New Braunfels.  All 30+ member wineries participate on the trail, so you can visit as many as you like, in any order you like.

Want to plan your own winery tour?  You can by using THCW’s interactive map.

Q: Will I be walking from winery to winery?
A: No. While some of our wineries may be close enough to walk, they are located on busy highways.  Winery distances range from 1 mile apart to 130 miles apart.

Q: Can I visit member wineries during non-trail weekends/events?
A: Yes.  Wineries are open year round and open to the public. Before you embark on a self-guided tour, you are encouraged to verify the days/times that the member Wineries are open.

Q: Do I need tickets?
A: Tickets are only necessary if you wish to participate in the scheduled wine trails or other THCW sponsored event.  Otherwise, member Wineries are open to the public so you do not need a ticket to visit.

Q: Are my trail tickets good for multiple days and multiple wineries or just one day and one winery?
A: Yes.  Wine trail tickets are good for all published days of the trail and for all 30+ participating wineries.

Q: I’m unable to use my wine trail ticket(s)? Can I get a refund? Can you sell them for me?
A: THCW pre-purchased tickets are non-refundable and we are unable to sell them on your behalf. We recommend that you find a family member, friend, neighbor that may be able to enjoy the wine trail/event.

Q: I didn’t get to use my wine trail ticket during the scheduled trail timeframe. Can I redeem outside of the wine trail or obtain a refund?
A: Unfortunately, pre-purchased wine trail/event tickets can only be used during the prescribed timeframes and are non-refundable.

Q: How do I get my tickets? Mail? Email?
A: Tickets are to be printed at the time of purchase.  You will also receive a confirmation email from THCW with a link to your tickets to print at a later date if need be. 

Q: Can I buy tickets at your office, over the phone or at a member Winery?
A: No.  All ticket sales are on the THCW website only.

Q: Do I have to show my ticket at each Member winery in order to take advantage of the trail/event specials?
A: Having your printed ticket on hand when you visit the member Winery will help expedite service. Some trails offer a ‘prize’ for the number of member Wineries visited during a trail. In order to confirm your visit, each member Winery will need to stamp your printed ticket.  If you do not have a convenient way to print the ticket, use your smart phone to be able to show the member Winery your purchased ticket.

Q: When will tickets for the Holiday Wine Trail be on sale?
A: Mid-October.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?
A: No.  But you can buy tickets and Season Passes as gifts by putting the receivers name in the “mail to” box.

Q:  I will be in town this weekend and am looking for winery events.
A: Currently, THCW has four wine trails a year: February, April, October and December.  Tickets for wine trail events are typically posted for sale six weeks prior to the beginning of the wine trail. All wine trail tickets must be pre-purchased at THCW. You are encouraged to purchase wine trail tickets early as possible, because wine trails sell out quickly.

For winery-sponsored events, please check the Winery Events page on our website.

Q: Do I need to make reservations to visit THCW wineries?
A: In general, no reservations are needed, however we strongly suggest verifying the member Winery’s day/times of operation as well as contacting the member Wineries you plan to visit if your group is 8 or more guests.

Q: We are looking to visit in November through February; will the member wineries be open?
A: Yes.  THCW wineries are open year round.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit the member Wineries?
A: It depends on what you are looking for: Winter is a little slower and less busy in the tasting rooms. In the Spring, the vines are starting to bloom while in the summer, the vines are green and harvest is beginning. Fall is cooler and there many  winery events happening.

Q: I have a group of people for a special party (i.e. bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, wedding, family reunion, corporate party). What do you offer?
A: THCW does not offer or plan parties.  We suggest contacting the member Wineries you plan to visit or are interested in to inquire as to their availability and venue options

Q: I want to go to a Grape Stomp.  When is yours?
A: THCW does not host a grape stomp, but a number of our member Wineries do.   We suggest you check out the Winery Events page and use the sort by Grape Stomp option.

Q: Is THCW a winery?
A: No, Texas Hill Country Wineries is a non-profit association used to market and promote our member Wineries.

Q: Can we buy wine from THCW?
A: No, THCW is not a winery and we do not produce nor sell wine. Each member Winery sells their own wines.

Q: Does THCW distribute wines? Where?
A: No, THCW is not a winery and we do not produce no or sell wine.  A number of our member Wineries do distribute. We suggest you contact the member Wineries directly as to where and which wines are distributed.

Q: I bought a bottle of wine from a member Winery opened it and it is bad. Am I able to obtain a refund or another bottle? .
A: THCW is not able to refund bottles of wine sold by a member Winery. Should you have a concern about a bottle purchased, you will need to contact the member Winery directly as to their policy regarding refunds and/or returns.

Q: Do you have wine barrels for sale?
A: THCW is not a winery and therefore does not have wine barrels to sell.  However, a number of our member Wineries do sell used barrels. We suggest you contact the member Wineries individually as to availability and cost.

Q: We want to visit your winery/vineyard?
A: Since THCW is not a winery or vineyard, we do not have a physical winery or vineyard location. .  Please visit the Wineries page of our website for individual winery information as to which wineries have vineyards on site.

Q: Do you do gift certificates for the member Wineries?
A: No.  Each member Winery is an independent business of THCW.  We suggest you contact the member Wineries directly as to gift certificates offered.

Q: My band would like to play at your winery. How do I go about booking?
A: Since THCW is not a winery, we do not host events. Each member Winery hosts their own events and will need to be contacted directly. .

Q:  How do I become a vendor at your wine trails or THCW sponsored events?
A: Currently our wine trails or events do not host  vendors. Member Wineries may host vendors for winery-sponsored events and will need to be contacted directly.

Q: Can you come pour wine at our event?
A: Since THCW is not a winery,  we do not pour at events.  Member Wineries will pour their own wines at wine-trail events. .

Q: I want to work at a winery/vineyard, do you have any openings?
A: Since THCW is not a winery or vineyard, we do not these types of positions available.   Please contact member Wineries individually for any openings that they may have.

Q: I would like to advertise my business on your website.  Since I have your link on my site, can you reciprocate and put my link on your site?
A: THCW does not trade links.  If you would like to advertise on our site or in our brochure, please send an email to through our Contact page.

Q: What are your rates and availability for weddings, rehearsal dinners, etc.?
A: THCW does not host weddings, rehearsal dinners, etc.  Please check out the Weddings & More page on our website for a list of member Wineries who do host weddings and other private events.

Q:  Can you please mail me a brochure? I only need one.
A: THCW only ships boxes of brochures to area businesses such as Chamber of Commerce’s, Visitor’s Centers, local hotels, and member Wineries.  Please fill out the Brochure Order Form

Consumers looking for a single brochure and information please check out our website. The information in the brochure and more are available there, including a printable map.  We suggest picking up a brochure at your first member Winery stop or at any of our advertisers.  Also available,check out the downloadable version of the brochure

Please drink responsibly and use a designated driver.

Thank you!