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Messina Hof Winery and its new cooperative

By Ron Saikowski / Wine Walk Messina Hof was one of Texas’ “pioneer wineries,” planting their vineyards in 1977. The husband-wife team of Paul and Merrill Bonarrigo kept their “day jobs” while nursing their winery and vineyards along, tenderly growing/raising it just like they would their son Paul VII. I still... Read More

Miles & Malbec: Marathon-Running Somms

As a “casual” marathon runner, it’s not uncommon for myself and my husband, a busy sommelier, to be like ships passing in the night. On Sunday mornings, right before my long runs and following my husband’s long nights, we typically only exchange a brief “good morning,” both too... Read More

Barrels + Beats

Can music played in the vineyard improve the quality of the wine in your glass?  Read More

National Geographic: Top 10 Spring Vineyards

List includes Pedernales Cellars in the Texas Hill Country. Savor the pleasures that come with a spring visit to these outstanding wineries.  Read More

Lewis Wines: A Young Hill Country Winery With Big Aspirations

As I accelerate out of Johnson City, travelling west on 290, I am careful to watch for two propane tanks on the left hand side of the road as I have it on good authority that the entrance right after them is Lewis Wines.  Read More

Hill Country Press

A Sommelier Reveals 9 Incredible US Wine Regions That Aren’t Napa

While most people turn to France and Italy when they think of incredible wine regions, there are plenty right here in the US. And we don’t mean Napa and Sonoma. While those are great, ditch the crowds they draw and check out the many other incredible wine growing regions... Read More

Why Its Such A Good Time To Be Drinking Texas Wines

Last year was such a good year for Texas grape growers that the state wrung out its first surplus of juice -- ever. "2015 was picture perfect," says Dr. Russell Kane, influential Vintage Texas blogger and co-author of The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine (Texas Tech University Press, 2012). The state... Read More

Fun In Fredricksburg!

Chris Brundrett, co-owner of William Chris Vineyards said, "Here in the Hill Country, we have such a diversity of different areas and micro-climates that they all taste different." There are dozens of wineries in the Fredricksburg area, each with their own flair. "I think that from the time you drive... Read More

2016 Fall Wine Festivals

Here are the 2016 fall wine festivals we are aware of in Texas. It is too early for some planning committees so the dates are not yet set for some festivals. We will update the dates as we know them.  Read More

Hill Country Vineyards Expect 2016 Harvest To Be Best Crop In Years!

During the spring, San Antonio was hit with a few hail storms, but the hill country was mostly spared. That was a plus for vineyards, including the Kuhlken Vineyard, which produces the grapes used for the wines at Pedernales Cellars and Armadillo's Leap. "To not have had any hail is... Read More